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Web Christian has been set up to try and address the growing needs of those brave Christians who endeavour to get their church on to the Internet.

At present, there are links to various other sites that provide resources that Christian Webmasters may find useful. It is my desire to see the content of the webchristian site grow. I have recently started adding articles to the site so you might like to check them out.

This site is run on a purely voluntary basis and so some times updates may be slow in coming, please forgive me. The site is also now getting very old as I never seem to have time for a redesign. Never mind it still works, just.

Who am I?

My name is Chris Brown and I'm a Methodist Minister who has worked as a professional web designer/developer since the early days of the web. My training and background gives me a good start in understanding the needs of Christian webmasters and developers. Why not help this venture by signing up for the directory and getting the email newsletter sent out to you. Above all please pray for this venture.

Web Design/Development Help

If you want to make use of my professional services please visit to see how I can help you.