jesus chris imageWho is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ continues to inspire and challenge people as much today as he ever has and Jesus has become the leader of the world's largest religion.

Born into a violent world Jesus preached tolerance and peace. When others said that God was full of anger and out for revenge Jesus said that God loves and forgives.

More books have been written about Jesus, more songs have been sung about Jesus and more films have been made about Jesus than any other person in history.

This site provides resources to help you explore who Jesus Christ is. There is a course for you take that will introduce you to Jesus and help you get started discovering who this man is. The site assumes no prior knowledge and allows you to think whatever you wish about Jesus. However, it will also challenge you in the way you view the world and the importance of this one person Jesus Christ.

Schools (teachers and students) may also welcome the Library as a good resource to use to explore Jesus Christ in the classroom or at home.