Revolutionary Jesus Poster ImageThings to think about

Jesus has not only claimed equality with God but has claimed that he is God. If he is God then this makes a big difference to the way we listen to him. If he is God then we have to take everything he says very seriously indeed.

If Jesus is indeed God then we now know that God is not some distant idea but a person. We can know God in the same way we can know anyone and we can know that God love us. We no longer have to think in distant, spiritual, philosophical ways about God but can instead receive and return love.

But this God is about to be crucified. Why? We explore that more in the next session.

Here are some things to get you thinking about the session you have just explored:

  • Is Jesus God?
  • If Jesus is God then does this mean we should listen more closely to what he says?
  • If Jesus is God then how does this effect our understanding of heaven?
  • If Jesus is God how does this effect our understanding of other religions?

If Christ is not divine, every impulse of the Christian world falls to a lower octave, and light and love and hope decline. - Henry Ward Beecher