Plastic Jesus ImageWhat Jesus said about forgiveness

Jesus was very keen on forgiveness and made a big deal of telling us we should forgive. In effect Jesus taught that we should forgive everyone who wrongs us. This is a very tough teaching but today Psychologists are beginning to admit the health benefits of taking this attitude.

Don't seek revenge

Jesus felt that it was important not to seek revenge when other people wrong you. He wanted people to go further with forgiveness than the old idea of 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'.

Don't judge others

Jesus felt it was important for people to understand that they themselves do things wrong. He felt we should understand that it's not the size of the wrong that is important but the understanding that even a little wrong means that we are all similar. He said it was wrong for those who were guilty of sin (wrongdoing against God) to judge others who are guilty of sin. He used a parable which said we should not try to remove the speck from someone else's eye until we have removed the plank from our own, or to put it another way: let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Doesn't the church get this all wrong as well?

The church has not always lived up to the teachings of Jesus. As people we struggle with the ideals and get confused and every now and then people let the power a position gives them go to their head. Although the vast majority of church history shows the wonderful difference following Jesus can make to the world sometimes the church has been responsible for some pretty terrible things. These things happen when people stop following what Jesus taught and try to do things their way.

Although the church has apologised on many occasions for it's failure to follow Jesus Christ (you will find every church in the world asking for forgiveness from God for this every time they meet) let me add my apologies here. Every Christian is sorry that we still get things wrong - but we are trying.