holy spirit imageSending of the Holy Spirit

But what is to happen now that Jesus has risen from the dead and gone back to being God in heaven? Is this the end and are we just on our own again.

Jesus as a physical person cannot be in all places at all times but God can. So Jesus sends a helper to be with his followers.

God comes in the form of the Holy Spirit.

Are you getting confused about who is who?

This is understandable and it caused the early Christians a great deal of trouble as well.

There is one important thing that is absolutely important to understand: Christians believe there is only one God.

But then we have Jesus (who is obviously God) who tells us about God the Father and about the Holy Spirit. Now we could downgrade Jesus and the Holy Spirit to make sense of it all but that doesn't fit with what Jesus said or our experience of God.

So after a great deal of thinking the early Christians developed things called creeds to explain what we believe.

This doesn't mean that is is easy to understand but then why would we think that understanding God would be easy? If God were easy to understand then it would make God no bigger than my own imagination and that would not be worth believing in.

So we have what Christians call the Trinity. One God in three persons. Each person exists fully at the same time but still there is only one God.

A trivial example to help might be a married minister of a church with children. They are a minister who is also a husband and a father. When they are being a minister they don't stop being a husband and a father and when they are a father they don't stop being a minister or a husband. All three persons in one body. This does not completely explain the Trinity but hopefully helps a little.

The Holy Spirit

This course is about Jesus and so the Holy Spirit is not going to be covered in detail but in effect the Holy Spirit is God living in us. So it is through the Holy Spirit that we are able to do all the things that God wants us to.