shroud of turin negative imageThe resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection means that what Jesus said about himself is true - that he had the power to come back to life.

It also means that the cross is not the disaster it originally looked like but is actually a success.

Jesus has power over death and the cross is not a disaster but part of what he came to do.

The resurrection marks out Christianity from any other faith. Not because it is the only faith with stories of people coming back from the dead or even overcoming death but because Christians claim it as an actual event in history. And not just an event but because of the one who was crucified and risen we can make some pretty amazing claims.

It was this same Jesus, the Christ who, among many other remarkable things, said and repeated something which, proceeding from any other being would have condemned him at once as either a bloated egotist or a dangerously unbalanced person...when He said He himself would rise again from the dead, the third day after He was crucified, He said something that only a fool would dare say, if he expected longer the devotion of any disciples—unless He was sure He was going to rise. No founder of any world religion known to men ever dared say a thing like that! -Wilbur Smith

  • That God's Son died on the cross for us.
  • That the consequences of our disobedience to God has been dealt with.
  • That it is possible to beat death and enter heaven.
  • That everything Christians claim about Jesus Christ and God is true.