Passion of the Christ imageWhat happened?

So when Jesus comes to Jerusalem for the Passover he is arrested by the Temple Guards. In secret he is taken in front of the Sanhedrin (a kind of Parliament of Priests) and is condemned for blasphemy.

At the time the only people who were able to give the death penalty were the Romans. The Roman in charge of Judea was a man called Pontius Pilate.

He has Jesus flogged and then tries to release Jesus by suggesting he release a prisoner in honour of the Passover. He suggests they either choose Jesus or another man called Barabbas. Jesus is very popular with the crowd and Barabbas is a murderer. However the crowd turn against Jesus and Barabbas is set free.

Jesus is then forced to carry his own cross outside the city to a place of execution where he is nailed up on the cross. Two others were crucified at the time.

From the cross Jesus speaks of forgiveness and then he dies. He dies quite quickly but this is not really surprising.

Jesus has been flogged, a punishment which in itself often killed, and he is also beaten by his guards before being nailed to a cross.

Just to make sure that he is dead, the Romans were very thorough about this kind of thing, they stab him in the side, and an eyewitness says that they saw blood followed by water.

Jesus has to borrow a grave but only on a temporary basis

Jesus is fortunate because he has a friend who will offer him a grave, unusual for a crucifixion victim. Here Jesus' dead body is laid, until three days later, some women coming to anoint the body discover that Jesus is gone. Then he appears to eyewitnesses on several occasions. Jesus has risen from the dead.