Kingdom Building Websites

Kingdom building web sites are sites that promote a Christian perspective on life and seek to make the life of others better.

These are generally sites associated with Christian charities and organisations that promote Christian values. They may provide a means of access to support and help offered by Christian organisations.

It should always be born in mind that people will come to these sites with a need to be met - they may well have arrived there out of desperation.

In some ways they are similar to Kingdom message websites but they will be less concerned with answering objections and more with providing support.

Types of sites:


These are sites that offer some level of practical support. They might offer a perspective on life or even very practical guidance for the way people might live.

Point of contact

These are sites that offer a point of contact to those in need in search of help.

Fund raising

These are sites that help people make donations to a charity. They will usually include a lot of information about the work of the charity. Sites like this might well make use of technologies that others would not bother with (e.g. Flash) in an effort to inspire the giving.