Kingdom Supporting Websites

Kingdom supporting web sites are sites that are built solely for the use of Christians.

What we often see are sites that have more than one of these features within the same site. Sometimes this works but it must be born in mind that any time you include another function in the site it dilutes the focus of the site. Most of the major successful sites have focused on one thing only.

These kingdom supporting sites need further classification:


These are sites that inform Christians about events concerning Christians both local and worldwide.


These are sites that offer Christian information and perspective. This would include things like bible portals and sermon collections etc.

Devotional sites

Sites that offer devotionals and prayer support.

Church HQ Sites

These are sites that provide support for a denomination or grouping of churches


Sites that offer support for church organisation. This might include information about church groups and events etc.


These are sites that help Christians learn about their faith.

Media Sites e.g. radio

Sites that offer digital radio and/or TV channels

Services sites

Sites that offer services specifically for Christians. Similar to kingdom building sites (indeed they might be kingdom building sites) but the focus is on helping and supporting Christians.


Sites that offer resources for Christians and churches. Things that might help support the work of the church or individual ministries.

This would include shops.

Worship Sites

These are sites that offer some kind of Christian worship. I personally remain skeptical about such sites because they are too often just an attempt to put normal church activity on the Internet. We need a fresh approach to worship if we are to build worship type web sites.

Social Media Sites

These are sites that provide a means of growing a community that meets electronically. This could include anything from forums to online chat. Although these features are often built into other websites they have grown into a kind of website in their own right.