Kingdom Message Websites

Kingdom message websites are sites that are aimed primarily at those who are outside the Christian faith. They will focus on exploring the Christian faith with others.

Presenting the message of Jesus has always been an important part of the Christian faith. Christians have not always agreed on the message or on how it should be presented but they have always agreed that it is not something that should be kept secret.

The internet is presenting the church with a great challenge. People exploring faith on the Internet have the opportunity to explore all manner of different perspectives. The average user has no way of knowing which sites are to be trusted and so generally take the view that they will allow any site a certain amount of authority but they will not trust any one site to be authoritative. Trustworthiness does vary but it seems that people will not trust any one authority to have the answer. This is a philosophical question as well but that is not the focus of this site.

So then the message will only be accepted if the argument is sound.

I suggest the following things are most important when building a kingdom message website:


People are very suspicious with anything the church presents these days. It is imperative that sites do not make claims that they cannot back up. If you are going to use examples of modern day miracles, for instance, to make claims on a site then they need to be backed up with evidence. I'm not calling anyone's integrity into question but if you are going to present a credible message then people have to trust what is said to be true.


The Internet is all about dialogue. Although it may seem a little one sided people come to a website to get answers to questions. They expect a dialogue. This means that we must be prepared to answer the more difficult questions and not pretend they don't exist. I'm not saying that we have to give a full philosophical argument for everything but failure to acknowledge the questions leads people to suspect the overall message being presented.


Without love we are sounding gongs and clashing symbols. This is as true with a web site as with anything. There are too many websites that act like gongs and symbols. Even if you believe someone will go to hell if they don't repent you are unlikely to get the message of Jesus Christ across if you rub their face in it.

People will click away if they suspect they are being preached at. Leave the preaching for a suitable opportunity and on a web site be wise about your approach to the message.

Types of site:

Apologetic sites

These sites offer a defence of the Christian faith and intelligent discussion as to the viability of Christianity.

Presenting sites

These sites present the Christian faith in an attractive way. This may include an element of teaching.

Church sites

These will be sites that encourage people from outside a church to explore what that church has to offer. These sites might well provide access into groups etc. It is important for these sites to give as much information about a church as possible and especially information about how to gain access to any buildings used.