Jesus divine imageBut this might just mean Jesus was a madman

Jesus claims that he is God. Either he is right or he is mad or he is doing so for his own personal gain.

Jesus shows no sign of madness. His behaviour and teachings show him to be a very level headed, thoughtful person.

So what other evidence is there?

What other evidence is there?


  • The miracles he performed
    These don't prove that Jesus is God but they certainly add a lot of weight to his claim. Jesus isn't just doing a few magic tricks: he is making blind people see, he heals leprosy, and even raises people from the dead. This is not the kind of thing anyone can do.
  • God's authority
    Jesus claimed to have the authority of God. He claimed the authority to forgive sins, the authority to raise people from the dead, authority of evil spirits.
  • Signs of sanity
    If you read through the stories of Jesus you will soon discover that Jesus makes a lot of sense. He doesn't speak like a mad man but instead shows clarity of thought.
  • Rising from the dead
    Jesus died on the cross - then he rises from the dead. After he rises from the dead he appears to hundreds of people. This just doesn't happen.
  • Earliest Christians call Jesus Lord
    The earliest Christian creed is: "Jesus is Lord" - we look at this later in this session.
  • Evidence from the Gospels
    When Jesus is tempted by the devil in the wilderness he declares that you should only worship God. Later in a story we find Jesus walking on the water and then disciples end up worshipping him and Jesus does not contradict them. Also after the resurrection Thomas declares Jesus to be his Lord and God and Jesus approves of his statement.